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Stay Safe. Stay Fly!

Culture breeds style

"I came back from the dead and they said you still not that girl" -Rolling Ray

K Supply Mission

Rhinestone Collection

Our best selling items are the rhinestone DMV Talk hair pins. We offer a variety of the popular DMV slang phrases as statement hair pieces. You have the option of gold or black! The collection also host a blast from the past style trend sweatsuit. With the word "ghetto" rhinestoned across the chest and butt in a soft royal purple with a cozy fit. "Ghetto" was chosen because it's what black people are labeled as in a negative way for displaying our culture. Yet when other people partake- it's fashion. How ironic. Own your "ghetto" regardless of the noise. It's no secret how many others want the ghetto culture without the hard realities.

"Ghetto untill proven fashionable."