5 Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles

Here are five quick and easy natural hairstyles to wear on a regular basis. You can mix and match hairstyles with outfits or occasions. 

1. Wash & go Fro

Depending on the length of your natural hair, you may or may not be comfortable with your bush look. I'm just getting comfortable with wearing my hair down in bush form and I'm in year 3 of my natural hair journey. If you are, a quick condition and moisturizer to bring out your curls with a few plucks  and .....FRO TO GO! 

2.High Puff

In my opinion, the most easiest and versatile is the high puff. Messy or clean, you can wear for laundry day or to work. If going for the clean look, brush your hair neatly, secure tightly and slayyyyyy your edges! 

3. Top Knot 

If you're not completely comfortable with the bush yet, another look is the top knot with your back out. You get the best of fro and a high puff in one. Secure the hair tightly, slay the edges and you can pull curls by the ear for an extra pop. 

4. Bang with Bun

When you want something different, go for the bun and bang look. Great for a wash and go remix! You may want to add extra moisture to define the bang curls. You can even perm rod the bang for a more defined effect. 

5. Two Buns

Two bus are my lazy hair day go to! When my wash and go or twist out is getting old, I resort to two buns. It's super cute and super fun! Add some cute frames and festive earrings and you'll slay any look! Make sure to slay them edges! 


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