How To Celebrate the 100th Day of School in Style

A new trend arising in schools is a celebration of the 100th day of school. Apart of the celebration, the kids can dress up as a 100 year old person. This celebration varies per school. 

 Last year we totally flopped this 100 year old theme. It somehow got lost in translation between me & K. She ended up dressing like Elsa, if I remember correctly. MAJOR MISFIRE! So this year we had to SHOW UP & SHOW OUT! My first course of action - check Pinterest! lol Unfortunately, since this trend is fairly new- it wasn't a lot on the topic. 

 So next up, I thought to display an elderly black church woman. It's necessary to display black culture to black children as much as possible. Too many times society disgraces black culture when black people display it. But turn around and praise black culture when its used on non-black people. 

The black woman always delivers when it comes to "Sunday's Best"

Sunday's best meant coordination and accessories. Repetition of colors make the outfit bold. The red headpiece, with the coat and the touch of red in the lace socks! The black tights, gloves, purse and shoes nicely compliment the red and the black in the cheetah spots. The cheetah dress under the cheetah collar red coat - was the final touch! 

Glasses & glasses chain- my personal collection

Hair clip & wig- Local beauty supply

Dress & pearl necklace & bracelet- Target

Coat, purse, gloves, stocking & socks - Kids Magic Store

Shoes- Zara

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