Overall Best Time To Shop For The Best Deals

Overall - get it? Cause she's wearing overa-..... never mind.

The best time to shop, whether for yourself or kids is toward the end of any season. You will catch the best deals! Why? Because retailers are getting rid of last seasons pieces to make room for the upcoming season! 

You're probably thinking you should be starting on the next season as well. And your right! However, the weather does  n't change overnight. The best practice is to learn how to where pieces in all seasons. This overall look can be worn in spring with a light t-shirt underneath and without socks!

Now of course, the kids will grow out the clothes. So you can't hang on to them for too long. I'll probably sell mine on Poshmark in a few months. But your (assuming you're an adult and finish growing) clothing can definitely last a long time. Unless you're still growing rapidly (no judgement) If you shop towards the end of the season you can get items marked down up to 70%. Trust me I know! Target's clearance rack gets the most love out of me! 


Overalls- Zara| Turtleneck & socks- Target| Shoes- Vans



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