Bobby Shmurda x Telfar


Brooklyn rap native, Bobby Shmurda, was released from prison on February 23, 2021 and made a debut in the black owned brand Telfar. This particular match up was a well needed power play for the culture! Well done Eman, well done!

Needless to say, the power of influence that music has. Especially Hip Hop. Especially Bobby Shmurda! As the Hip Hop community values authenticity to support the lyrics of the artist songs; Bobby Shmurda is the real deal. The culture has supported Bobby throughout his entire sentencing and patiently awaited his release. 

Telfar has been on a great incline recently. Some contribute the increase in popularity due to the shift of focus onto black business within the last year for a multitude of reasons. From sold out releases to a massive release to meet the heavy demand of customers - Telfar is winning!

So why is this particular match up important? This match bridges a gap between hip hop culture and community. Most times Hip Hop artists are endorsing luxury brands that come from outside the hip hop community. High end luxury brands flock to Hip Hop artist because the large impact they have. However, if the same heavy platforms are used to shine light on black fashion brands and black businesses - our community has a better chance of progressing. 

A step toward progressing together was made with styling Bobby Shmurda in Telfar. As we hope to see more celebrities use their platforms toward the growth of our community. There has been more inclusion of black photographers, black stylists, black fashion brands, black models and more across the industry. But it's just the beginning.

Power plays like Shmurda in Telfar continues to set the tone and reminds everyone space will be made for us. We will be seen. We will be heard. Together.


Styled by Eman B Fendi for GQ