Over the summer I got to collaborate my sunglasses with local brand PXFITNESS and here are the results!

Just a little background information on PXFITNESS :

DMV local creative T.Brown started the PXFITNESS brand originally as tour merchandise for her artist showcases ( which are so dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) if you're ever in the DMV and want to experience the lit artists of the area, check to see if she has any upcoming shows. Her Instagram is @t.brown and her brand page is @pxfitnesswear.  

Okay back the background information, the brand was created in 2017 and transformed into a wellness and fitness brand. The brand is so authentic because T.Brown shares her personal journey on weight loss. The exercises she did, the foods she ate, the foods she stopped eating. Then she created workout gear for you to be comfortable in, as she knows whats needed. (Duh cause she the expert!)  As a follower of hers for a few years now, I literally witnessed her weight drop and drop. Like I will vouch that she knows what she is talking about. The tips and advice work and she is living proof of that!

T.Brown is also a photographer. So the photos you she are taken by her. Talk about multi-talented! What can't she do? Anyway, she paired the glasses from The K Supply with her latest collection of workout gear. The collection includes bras, compression shorts and dri-fit shirts. The results came out AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! 



Shades are available in the shop. Make sure you follow PXFITNESS on Instagram and Twitter! Also shop her latest collections while supplies last! Let me know your thoughts on the brand! 


April I'Jay